Improving Wireless Technology

Kaelus, a Smiths Microwave business was formed by the consolidation of four previously independent Smiths brands. In November 2010 Smiths reorganized these four existing businesses to strategically align them within a single management structure and a new trading name, Kaelus. This bold move to create a single technology-rich brand absorbing the substantial heritage and industry awareness of the legacy businesses, allowed for a more effective use of global resources and reach, hence maximizing the benefits delivered to customers.

  • Summitek Instruments: The industry expert in PIM Test equipment.
  • Triasx: A leader in Portable PIM Test equipment and network enhancing site solution products.
  • Allrizon: A global supplier of front end radio BTS and radio link products.
  • Telecom Division of TRAK Microwave: A global supplier of ferrite products.

  The Summitek heritage which first introduced PIM Test Analyzers to the Telecommunications industry remains core to the business. Kaelus is proud to continue to offer the “Summitek Advantage” and the rich technology and application understanding of all our legacy brands within Kaelus products.

Today, Kaelus designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative RF and microwave solutions for the wireless telecommunications industry. The product portfolio encompasses a wide range of RF solutions such as Passive Intermodulation (PIM) test solutions and Site Solution products which enhance network coverage and optimize cell site infrastructure utilization including; TMA’s, combiners and killer filters. In addition Kaelus manufactures DAS Interface solutions and front-end filtering and ferrite products for both cellular band radio base stations and backhaul radio links.  Kaelus’ experience and understanding of the RF environment enables it to excel by developing technically differentiated offerings that improve network performance.      

The name Kaelus comes from the Latin word “caelum” meaning sky. Kaelus represents the freedom wireless communications provides to a world without boundaries.